February 17, 2012

willow house.

i got so used to sharing my favorites during fourteen days of love, that when i ran across this new site, i just had to share with you.

earlier this week a friend introduced me to willow house. have you seen their catalog?? swoon!
for you pinners out there, i could pin just about every single thing they carry. and i love how they style their photos in the catalog. if you haven't looked into it, check it out. pronto.

my friend is hosting an online catalog party so i'm trying to pick out the things i just can't live without (since i should probably refrain from ordering everything). here are just a few of my favorites.

empire flare vase (so gorgeous!)

so let me know, what are a few of your favorites? i really want to know! you can helo me make my decision.


  1. I absolutely love the french wire tiered stand!! And the mixing bowls and the double dish stand. :) So cute....and great for entertaining. I would say you should get the stacking plates but I'm sure that adds up fast if you're getting more than one set.

  2. I love it all! Everything in the catalog is so cute. I think I would use them all the time.