February 15, 2012

happy {belated} birthday!

note card created in 2010 as thank you cards to coordinate with the other pieces from my mom's surprise tea party

happy birthday to my sweet, sweet mama and my aunt roberta. while this birthday wish on the blog is a day late, i did remember to reach out to each of these wonderful women yesterday to let them know just how much i love them.

i have such fond memories growing up with both of them in my life and truly believe my life would have turned out so much differently without their influences.

i don't often get to see my aunt and uncle, and i miss them dearly. their house was my favorite place in the world to go as a child {it still is}. i hate that so often we let life get in the way of seeing the people we really love, those people who have made our lives worth living.

i feel especially blessed to have such a great relationship with my mom. when i was in the fourth grade, i heard lyrics that resonated with me. it's a love song from a man to a woman, but the chorus just really reminded me so much of my mom ...

if there hadn't been you, where would i be? if there hadn't been you, here for me
i've made it through times, i never should have made it through
all my dreams would still be dreams, if there hadn't been you

i feel so incredibly blessed to have these very special women in my life and just wanted to honor them with a little post. if you know either of them, be sure to swing by their page to wish them a happy birthday (even if it is a day late).

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