February 8, 2012

fourteen days of love: day 08.

i think i mentioned earlier this week that in addition to notably noted, i also work another full-time job. did i also mention my second job is in bartlesville ... and i live in the tulsa/broken arrow area? it makes life interesting spending so much time between two places. my commute takes up two and a half hours of my day, so i don't always get to be as involved in the bartlesville community as i would like to be.

i am super excited, however, to announce the opening of the cooper dog park in bartlesville. the park was named after fallen k-9 officer Cooper and is dedicated to providing a fun place for you and your pups to exercise (dogs of all ages are welcome -- i just tend to refer to any doggy as a puppy). below are just a few pictures from the park's ribbon cutting ceremony.

to meet more some of the dogs who visit the park, visit cooper dog park on their facebook page. join the group to keep up with the latest activities and to make new friends of all kinds.

and for all you puppy lovers out there, check out this new card i'm carrying. most designs i carry are my own creation; however, when one of my vendors made this "i woof you" note card set available, i just couldn't resist.

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