February 10, 2012

fourteen days of love: day 10.

by now i've made it clear i have absolutely no aversion to navy or grey. =) i really love anything classic and timeless. i think you'll see that in the shapes and pieces i choose -- whether i'm talking about a bag, a dress, home decor, or paper.

in keeping with that trend, weddings with a similar theme / style make me swoon. don't get me wrong, i love working on trendy, modern, out-of-the-box wedding suites. they're creative and fun and keep me on my toes. nothing takes my breathe away, however, like an elegant black-and-white wedding suite.

Source: etsy.com via Rhiannon on Pinterest

(only four more days to go. if you haven't gotten a gift for your sweetie, you need to do so pronto!)

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