February 6, 2012

fourteen days of love: day 06.

have you ever had the perfect item in mind -- whether it be an invitation, a shirt, shoes, locale, etc. -- and just couldn't track it down? well, i recently experienced that. i wanted a grey bag, that was large enough to put my small profile laptop in when i'm traveling back and forth to houson, but not so large that things get lost in it and it weighs on my back.

i must have made a million trips to the coach store in utica square and the coach store online, but i never could find "the one." the bag would be the right shape but the wrong color. the right color, but the wrong size. you get the idea. this went on for a couple of months.

then the other day, my mom came up for a visit, and she, travis and i ran into a few shops. my mom came walking up to me and said, "i found a bag that just calls 'rhiannon.'" i looked up, and there she was -- the one! i couldn't believe it. we weren't even looking for a bag that night.

michael kors hamilton bag slate embossed crocodile

isn't she lovely? i love the color and the shape, and i get so many compliments on the silver hardware. i didn't expect to enjoy the embossed crocodile so much, but i think there's something classic about this bag. it has everything i need, too -- just enough space for my laptop if necessary, four pockets on the side for my phone, sunglasses, business cards, keys, and lip gloss, but not so many pockets that i'm continually digging around trying to locate what i need. this girl couldn't be happier.

i love finding new pieces when you least expect it, don't you?

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  1. That is a super cute purse, as I told you when I visited last weekend! I wanted to steal if from you....