February 12, 2012

fourteen days of love: day 12.

earlier this year, my good friend kate introduced me to root:1 -- a delicious cabernet sauvignon.

it has quickly become a favorite for both of us. i recently discovered they also offer a pinot noir. i haven't tried it yet, but i'm excited to check it out.

in an effort to be healthier this year, i've been saving all my wine savoring for nights when i have friends over, and it's always a hit with my guests.

this past week i heard that cupcake red velvet is a must-try. i haven't had it but am hoping to give it a shot at a wine pull this weekend. and speaking of wine pull, i want something new to share at the event. hit me up with some ideas -- what's your favorite?

oh, and in case you've forgotten, valentine's day is the day after tomorrow!


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    1. Ohhh, I had forgotten all about Sketchbook. I had it with dinner at a friend's house and really enjoyed it, but I don't think I've had it since then.

      Thanks for the suggestion!