February 11, 2012

fourteen days of love: day 11.

i really have a thing for two tier cakes. they're so much lovelier than plain-ol' sheet cakes. i especially love cakes by seana hon. they're oh-so-moist and oh-so-delicious -- not your average, every day bakery cake.

i enjoy working with seana because she can transform any cake into a masterpiece to coordinate with invitations i've designed. her cakes are always a hit of the party and stand out front-and-center.

check out a couple of those she has recently done for me:

could those be any cuter? i was amazed at what she did for the OSU cowgirl baby shower. cupcakes and mini-pies have become so popular, but i just can't stop loving these cakes. do you still order cakes for your special events?

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