March 29, 2011

a tulsa wedding {invitation suite}.

oops! i believe this posted for no reason. i had half the title typed and then it disappeared. weird.

what is up with this crazy, dreary tulsa weather we're experiencing this week? yours truly is not a fan. i have been working on so many fun orginal invitation designs, though, and that cheers me up immensely.

i am so excited to share a gorgeous tulsa wedding invitation suite with you, but will wait for the time being until all of the pieces are completely done. {i can hardly stand the suspense myself}.

for now, here's a sneak peek at a piece we've decided not to do {because we have something even better}! this would have been a fun thank you card. i hope someone uses it in the future because while i love the note card the bride has selected, i would still love to receive a card like this in the mail.

i hope it brings a little color to your week. =)

March 18, 2011

rustic romance in june.

this invitation was so much fun to create. in the past few months i've written a couple of posts about romantic, rustic weddings, and i never seem to get tired of them. when a bride and groom approach me with their plans at a local lodge or outdoor locale, i get so excited.

i originally designed this invitation when i was working on tara and vince's invitation. for their wedding, we decided to go a different direction {which i loved!}, but i still had this in the files, and when kasi saw it, she knew it would be perfect for their wedding this summer. and michael liked that it wasn't too over the top. i can't wait to see pictures from this fun couple's special day.

March 15, 2011

girls just wanna have fun.

if you haven't seen cakes by averi yet, you have to check them out. averi does some of the cutest designs.

these fun little cupcakes:

image by cakes by averi

inspired these fabulous and fun girls night in invitations:

from slumber parties to spa parties these invites and precious cakes are perfect for girls of all ages!

March 14, 2011

there's a new sheriff in town.

i am so excited to share this fabulous baby shower with you. megan tree is one of my favorite bloggers, and let me tell you, she is one blessed mama. her sisters and friends recently through a baby shower for her and baby eli. it was one of the cutest showers, and i've been dying to share it with you.

put your walkin' boots on and check this out ...

one of my favorite ideas was the foods -- cravings megan has been having throughout her pregnancy! cute, right? some of those cravings included ranch dressing, candy, popcorn, and hawaiian punch. love, love, love this idea.

the printables were from love bugs design. aren't they so cute? the personalized paper touches are one of my favorite pieces of an event {surprise. surprise.}, and janell did a fantastic job creating these finishing touch.
that precious, and oh-so-yummy cake was from merritt's bakery. look at those details! i can't help but get roped in. {he-he}.
megan and luke were having a difficult time coming up with a middle name for baby eli. the hostesses let guests throw their name{s} in the hat for their favorite name. there was also a fun carousel of megan's weekly pictures charting little eli's growth.

the hostesses thought of everything -- they even had eli's first framed picture. many of the decorations were from hobby lobby {because who doesn't love hob-lob}, including the fun fabric and ranch-themed decor throughout the shower.

what a blessed, blessed family! thanks for sharing your shower with us, megan!

March 2, 2011

jp creative: a free calendar.

i am certainly staying busy these days! i'm sorry i've been lacking in my posts. before i leave you for the evening, i want to share a lovely, lovely free printable calendar offered by jp creative. doesn't it feel like spring! spring! spring! {someone's excited, can you tell?}
{image belongs to jp creative}

be sure to visit jessica's page to get your own calendar and let the spring planning commence. let her know you've stopped by ... i'm sure it would make her day because who doesn't love comments?