June 24, 2010

A Rustic Wedding in the Countryside.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love custom designs? Well, I do. As a designer, I always feel weird saying I love some of my designs, but there are times when I absolutely do. I thank you for your creative juices and appreciate you for keeping me on my toes. I recently fell.in.love. with a design. In love. How fitting it would be a wedding invitation.

Tara is a sweet girl from my hometown. She recently approached me about designing an invitation for the August wedding she and her fiancé are planning. The wedding and reception will be held at a lodge here in Tulsa, and I can already tell it's going to be beautiful! For this special event, Tara needed an invitation that was elegant but not stuffy; rustic but not casual. See what we came up with.


{response card}

{response card: return address}

Right now I only have digital copies of the invitation available, but these flat images just don't do this design justice. Printed on a luxe cream paper, they are gorgeous in person. I'll try to post more pictures in the future to give you a better idea of the finished package. I can't wait to see this invitation printed in other colors {though I can't imagine anything more beautiful than this perfect hydrangea blue}.

What colors are you using for your wedding?

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