January 31, 2011

scentsy party.

this past weekend was the scentsy party at my place. naturally, i captured no pictures. {i have to get better about that!} i used to love taking pictures. i think i just don't like my camera or my ability to take photos now that i'm surrounded by such talented women who make every photo look like a work of art!

i whipped up all kinds of yummy goodies with the help of my friend andy. she came to visit me for the weekend and we had so much fun relaxing and catching up. the day of the party we didn't really relax ... we ran around like crazy whipping everything up, but it was still so much fun, and i was thrilled she could make it.

a few of my purchases:

the picture of the second warmer just doesn't do it justice. i think it's going to look beautiful sitting on my bureau by my jewelry {the outside has pearls on it}. i also purchased more bars of satin sheets than i can count. i'm starting to panic a little bit at this moment because i can't find it on the website anywhere! i'm hoping this is just an oversight on my part.

January 28, 2011

it's friday!

i am so thankful friday has arrived! i'm looking forward to this weekend, afterall. i have a spa date today with a dear friend, another dear friend is coming to stay the night, and then the scentsy party is on saturday! i have lots to squeeze in this weekend, but i couldn't be more excited about it!

in the meantime, i will leave you with this cheery reminder that valentine's day is just around the corner {can you believe it?}. i love when other businesses can get in the holiday spirit with fun cards like the ones we designed below.

the office plans to attach these to the sweetest boxes of holiday treats for all their special clients. have you gotten started on your valentine plans yet? it will be here before we know it!

January 27, 2011

brides of oklahoma: inspiration.

oh. my. goodness.

this photo by lindsey brooks is.to.die.for! i was checking out the brides of oklahoma when this gorgeous photo popped up. i mean gorgeous. i've been on a kick lately regarding outdoor weddings or weddings in barns, and this little number made my heart stop. and doesn't lindsay do an absolutely fabulous job capturing this special moment? you should really check out her website. there's even more to love there.

did you use a barn for your wedding or reception venue? have you been to one? i would love for you to share photos and ideas.

January 26, 2011

wall o' frames

getting this wall just so is what i've been doing the past few days. i still don't love it, but i like it much better than bare walls. i've done a version of this wall in three different houses. this is the first time i've added the letters to the mix. i really like them ... now i just wish i was allowed to paint.

January 25, 2011

more project 365 inspiration.

i never grow tired of following jenny collier photography. never. her photos are.to.die.for! to die for.

this year, she too, is participating in a version of project 365. while she's not committed to taking a picture every single day {though i would not be surprised if she does so anywway} she is tracking her families story throughout the year.

you can follow their journey on her blog.

i love how crisp and clean the images are with the retro type. swoon.

how is your project 365 coming along? are you sticking with it or running out of juice already?

January 21, 2011

rustic romance.

i love this image! love. love. love it. there is just something so romantic and classic about it. {yes, i did just describe a barn}.
over the past few years weddings in barns seem to have become more popular. and the styles of weddings held in these venues are widely varied from rustic and homegrown, to glamourous and chic. no matter the style, i always seem drawn to them. must be the oklahoma girl rising up in me.
{when i first started sharing the storyboards for my own wedding, i mentioned that i never intended to share them with anyone, and they were to only serve as inspiration for myself ... so i unfortunately do not have the credits for the picture. i am almost 100% positive that it's from marthastewart.com or theknot.com}.

January 18, 2011

this is how i roll.

with the snow we've gotten, i can imagine parents are dreaming of the days of spring when kiddos are no longer trapped in the house, but can run and play freely.

these soccer note cards were custom designed for a client's preteen daughter who is a soccer fiend. i love it when parents teach children the importance {and value} of a written note. and what better way to get the kids excited about sending notes than to have some personalized just.for.them.

here's to hoping sara doesn't knock a hole though the wall before school is back in session.

January 17, 2011

tiptoe-ing through the tulips.

yesterday i was frustrated that i don't take lovely pictures ... and then today, i ran across this little beaut. it's a picture i took in central park. it was early summer and the tulips were in bloom everywhere. everything was so pretty and green and i wanted to spend hours on end people-watching and soaking in the sights.

when i got back to my studio i edited several of the photographs and came up with these wonderful note cards. i may not be the greatest photographer in the world, but every now and then i get lucky. =)

January 14, 2011

venue: skelly lodge.

i almost hate to share this little gem. skelly lodge is such a sweet place tucked back on 40-acres overlooking the verdigris river valley. gorgeous year-round. it was originally the hunting lodge of william skelly, famous oil-man of tulsa. he shared the lodge with several other men {along with about 4,000 acres}. it was their own private hunting grounds. eventually mr. skelly bought everyone out and owned the place himself -- there is so much history in this beautiful lodge. it reminds me of a swiss chalet. travis and i both fell hard when we drove up the long drive.

all of the pictures belong to the lodge, but this is another one of the storyboards i created for our wedding inspiration.

what isn't to love about this place? what are some of your favorite venues in the area?

January 13, 2011

spring is around the corner.

the weather right now is beautiful! gorgeous, gorgeous day. this new card from one of my vendors fits my mood perfectly today. would you like to see more things like this in the shop?

(c) waste not paper

January 12, 2011

mac & cheese soup.

in addition to helping you with the details of your fabulous soirees this year, i have also committed to trying new recipes and cooking at home more. earlier this week i tried this recipe from my latest food network magazine. it was delish! not exactly what i expected, but oh so yummy. the picture below is mine, but the recipe can be found on page 71 of the food network january/february 2011 magazine.

the recipe says it takes a total of 35 minutes to prepare and cook the soup ... and it was pretty accurate. i think it would have been right-on, but i don't have a food processor, so i had to mince my shallot, celery, and carrot the old fashioned way -- with a knife & cutting board!

we really enjoyed the recipe and even had leftovers. it's something i will definitely make agaion.

mac & cheese soup

kosher salt + 4 ounces elbow macaroni (1 cup) + cooking spray + 2 plum tomatoes, sliced 1/2-in thick + 4 1/2 inch-thick slices baguette + freshly ground pepper + 3 shallots + 1 carrot cut into 1-in pieces + 1/4 cup all-purpose flour + 3 3/4 cups fat-free, low-sodium chicken broth + 1 1/4 cups 2% milk + 6 ounces shredded cheddar cheese (about 1 1/2 cups) + 1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese.

  1. position rack in the upper third of the oven and preheat to 450. bring a medium pan of salted water to a boil. add the macaroni and cook as the label directs; drain.
  2. mist a baking sheet with cooking spray and arrange the tomato and baguette slices on it in a single layer; season with salt & pepper. bake until the bread is golden brown, about 7 minutes.
  3. mince the shallots, carrot, and celery in a food processor. mist a saucepan with cooking spray. add the vegetables and cook over medium-high heat until softened; 4 to 5 minutes. add the flour and cook, stirring, 2 minutes. gradually stir in the broth and bring to a boil. cook, stirring until thickened, 6 to 7 minutes. remove from heat.
  4. add the milk, cheeses, and macaroni and stir until the cheeses melt. season with pepper. top the toasts with tomato; serve on the soup.

my baguette, though fresh, had gone a little stale on me, so i drizzled evoo on the baguette & tomato slices while on the cooking sheet and then sprinkled a little garlic salt to all of it and popped it in the oven.

such a delicious new meal! and it's light.

bon appetit!

January 11, 2011

wooster needs a home.

growing up, my family always had a family dog ... a pet who was another member of the family. i never really, truly loved a puppy the way i love my sweet conor, though. since he came into my life, i have a new-found appreciation for these special members of society and the s.p.c.a has become more important to me. it is such a wonderful organization looking out for the well-being of animals. animals who rely on humans and can't always help themselves.

right now, wooster is looking for a home. he is such a sweet guy. can you be his happily ever after?

January 10, 2011

custom designs.

you guys, i have so much fun working on your special projects.

i want to take a moment and thank each and every one of you that allow me to do what i love doing. designing paper is one of my favorite things in the entire world. i always feel so comfortable and "at home" when i'm designing.

i never run out of fun inspiration because you keep me on my toes. and i love you for it.

happy monday!!

January 7, 2011


it's official. i'm hosting my first scentsy party. travis and i fell in love with the project when ms. megan tree became a consultant.

we were using traditional wall plug-ins -- you know the kind with oil? it felt like we were replacing them every two weeks or so. and some of those puppies are not cheap. especially when you're purchasing them over and over and over ...

i decided to take the plunge and purchase a scentsy warmer. one warmer and i. was. hooked. i had always been skeptical, but i don't know how i ever went so long without one. funny enough, travis was hooked, too. i went back to megan and purchased wall plug-ins for our entire place.

this is the warmer that started it all. the beautiful milano. love at first whiff.

now we have roma plug-ins, and i'm already building my wish list for the party. our favorite scent is satin sheets. i tried blueberry cheesecake. it smells divine, but i find myself wishing for a snack all.day.long. the coconut lemongrass is also great, but i think i'll save it for summer. it's so refreshing and reminds me of walking into a slightly cool house after lounging by the pool. so relaxed and soothing. mmm ... now i'm ready for summer.
do you use scentsy? what are a few of your favorites?

January 6, 2011

let the gaming begin.

travis has recently become friends with our neighbors ... and i have been reminded that boys will {always} be boys. it turns out our neighbor m. & travis both love to play x-box. i've never quite understood the obsession. {in reality, i just hate it because i can't control my player on the screen now that the controllers require one joystick for the head and another for the body}.

this is an invitation i created for a client's teenage son. it's sometimes hard to come up with fun party ideas that teens still get into. the kids loved this one. the family brought in several flat screen televisions, gaming consoles, and invited all the guests to bring their controllers.

a tournament was created and prizes were awarded. if you've ever watched teen boys {or grown men for that matter} involved in an x-box game, you know the excitement sucks them in and they can play for hours on end.

the party was easy to organize and was a hit with all! what themes have you created for your pre-teen/early teenagers?

January 5, 2011

my wedding inspiration.

in november 2009 mr. l decided that it was time we start the next chapter in our fairytale, got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife.

i began my journey of wedding planning and started looking for inspiration for my own fabulous event.

i began creating storyboards for ideas i really loved. i designed a background and frame and began putting my favorite ideas on these boards.

i thought it would be fun to share with you. i never intended for these pictures to be for anyone's eyes but my own, so i unfortunately do not have appropriate credits for each of the items. if you see a photo and know who it belongs to, please comment so i can give them credit.

for now, i leave you with this bouquet. simple, but bold. striking, but timeless. my tastes have changed a little since i first found this bouquet, but i still love this picture.

January 4, 2011

a glimpse back at 2010.

i'm still having a hard time believing 2011 has arrived. it was this time last year that i found myself relaxing on the beaches of cozumel soaking up the rays.

my first post of the year got me thinking, and i decided i often forget about designs i've created for the blog. i change them out and forget about them. i like the idea of capturing them in one place that i can always look back on. hopefully they will inspire you as you begin a new year as well.

if i don't currently follow your blog, i would love to. leave a comment below, and i'll be sure to add you to my feed!

January 3, 2011

project 365: inspiration.

yesterday i told you i would {make an attempt to} participate in project 365 this year. not long after posting that, i found the cutest idea on my friend jenny's website. {i often mention my dear photographer friend, jen, but this is actually jenny -- a fabulous friend from high school}. jenny loves scrapbooking and in the past few years has really gotten into digital scrapbooking. digital scrapbooking is not something i've ever delved into, but she always has the cutest pages.
this year, she too has decided to attempt project 365. she took her love of digital scrapbooking and combined it with this fun project. she found a kit online {for only $7!!} that provided a photo template and a journaling template for each month of the year. these templates are 12x12 pages that can face one another in a book. she can drop her picture into the template each day, and at the end of the year, she'll have pages for her scrapbook.

i love this idea. so creative and a wonderful way to showcase all the energy and effort put into this project throughout the year. jenny will treasure this summary of her year for decades to come. what about you? have you participated in project 365? how do you track and display your pictures?

January 2, 2011

project 365: january 02, 2011.

i have never before attempted project 365. i follow several blogs who participate in the project, however, and decided to give it a shot {no pun intended} this year. i may not always share here, but i love this picture of mr. conor {even if his eyes are closing}.

conor's first portrait in 2011.

January 1, 2011

happy new year!

in honor of the new year, i updated the shop's blog layout {what do you think?}, and i also updated my family's personal blog. i enjoyed the layout of this blog so much, so i mimicked it a bit. fresh starts for a fresh year!