January 6, 2011

let the gaming begin.

travis has recently become friends with our neighbors ... and i have been reminded that boys will {always} be boys. it turns out our neighbor m. & travis both love to play x-box. i've never quite understood the obsession. {in reality, i just hate it because i can't control my player on the screen now that the controllers require one joystick for the head and another for the body}.

this is an invitation i created for a client's teenage son. it's sometimes hard to come up with fun party ideas that teens still get into. the kids loved this one. the family brought in several flat screen televisions, gaming consoles, and invited all the guests to bring their controllers.

a tournament was created and prizes were awarded. if you've ever watched teen boys {or grown men for that matter} involved in an x-box game, you know the excitement sucks them in and they can play for hours on end.

the party was easy to organize and was a hit with all! what themes have you created for your pre-teen/early teenagers?

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