January 7, 2011


it's official. i'm hosting my first scentsy party. travis and i fell in love with the project when ms. megan tree became a consultant.

we were using traditional wall plug-ins -- you know the kind with oil? it felt like we were replacing them every two weeks or so. and some of those puppies are not cheap. especially when you're purchasing them over and over and over ...

i decided to take the plunge and purchase a scentsy warmer. one warmer and i. was. hooked. i had always been skeptical, but i don't know how i ever went so long without one. funny enough, travis was hooked, too. i went back to megan and purchased wall plug-ins for our entire place.

this is the warmer that started it all. the beautiful milano. love at first whiff.

now we have roma plug-ins, and i'm already building my wish list for the party. our favorite scent is satin sheets. i tried blueberry cheesecake. it smells divine, but i find myself wishing for a snack all.day.long. the coconut lemongrass is also great, but i think i'll save it for summer. it's so refreshing and reminds me of walking into a slightly cool house after lounging by the pool. so relaxed and soothing. mmm ... now i'm ready for summer.
do you use scentsy? what are a few of your favorites?

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