January 30, 2010

Rosanna, Inc.

After the last blog post, I made a visit to Rosanna. I. am. in. love! She offers "mini cupcake pedestals." Agh! I want them all. And I want the beautiful cupcake she has displayed on them. Could someone teach me to frost a cupcake so magnificently?


New Designs by Rosanna.

I just stumbled across the cutest serving pieces! and a new blog that I will probably begin following. I found these precious, precious pieces on the Real Simple. blog. Apparently these designs aren't available until February, but luckily for us, February starts next week!

January 29, 2010

Black & White Damask Wedding Package

Today Northeast Oklahoma has been under a Winter Warning -- we've had lots of snow and ice. It was a great day to stay in, drink peppermint coffee, and work on fun new designs.

Several brides have started asking about wedding invitations. Believe it or not wedding season is already upon us!

I've shared one of my favorite wedding packages below. This invitation works well for a very formal affair. It would also be beautiful with a splash of color throughout the different pieces. I'm a huge fan of damask {almost as much as my close friend jen collier}.

What color palette are you using for your wedding? Will you incorporate a fun pattern?

January 28, 2010

We have a winner!!

(thanks to the girls at thecutestblogontheblock for this very cute banner)

Lauren is the lucky winner of the note card giveaway at Tales of the Trees. Yay! Congratulations, Lauren!

As her prize, Lauren will get a set of the note cards I mentioned before. She can choose the color of the name plate (shown here in blue) and will also have her return address printed on the envelopes included in the set.

I love giveaways!! =) Thanks to all of the girls who participated. I know Megan enjoyed reading all of your comments and questions. And thanks especially to Megan for facilitating such a fun giveaway!!

January 26, 2010

To Send or Not to Send

Does anyone else get excited about Valentine's Day like I do? Even as a child I loved the holiday. But interestingly enough, I personally hate the use of hearts and decorations; this thought just occurred to me. It's funny then, that I would love this holiday so.

I've always loved the exchange of valentines, but not necessarily the latest and greatest cartoon character valentines. I have always, always enjoyed vintage valentines. In fact, the one below {I found the picture online} is very similar to one my mom gave to me as a child. It had been given to her when she was younger. At the time, I loved the collection of older cards, but I doubt that I had the appreciation for them which I have today. And being the pack rat I am, I'm so sad that this collection is not one that I still have.

There was a time when young and old alike exchanged valentine cards. This is a tradition I am happy to see slowly but surely coming to life once more. Sweethearts have often given gifts and cards to one another, but I've noticed in the past few years more and more adults have begun to send notes to their friends and families during this special month. What about you? Will you be sending valentine cards to someone other than your sweetie?

January 25, 2010

Trunk Shows.

We are gearing up for our next round of Trunk Shows and I personally cannot wait! I've added a few images below from one of the Trunk Shows we had before Christmas. Some of you may not be familiar with Trunk Shows. Take it from me, they're terrific. We set up a night for Notably Noted to come into your home and showcase the latest and greatest designs. You and your guests get to meet face-to-face with the designer to discuss your ideas. It's a fun girls' night in (guys are certainly allowed, but it's most often a girls' night) with fun drinks, finger foods, catching up, and sharing. Girls have fun sharing their ideas and brainstorming with one another for upcoming baby & bridal showers, birthday parties, and the numerous other events we all find ourselves hosting and attending.

At this particular Trunk Show, young mom's loved our playdate & children's calling cards. The personalized enclosure cards for gifts were also a huge hit! I'll see if I can find pictures and post those as well.

Our large wrapped candle

Front and center you see our filigris metal works calendar. perfect for remembering doctor's appointments, salon appointments, and more

Above is a sampling of several of our products: solid maple holiday sign, personalized christmas enclosure cards,large wrapped candle, small wrapped candle, oversized mug filled with cocoa, chocolates, and personalized note cards, a sample of one of our note cards.

Pictured above is another sampling our of gift baskets, invitations, candles, note cards, enclosure cards, and note pads

This last picture shows off our solid maple serving tray, and a coordinating set of candles, note pad, and note card.

Diamonds and Denim

picture courtesy of the Tulsa Junior League website
Can you believe it's almost February? We are already in the last week of January 2010. Time certainly has a way of zooming by.

I'm excited to see February come, though. The Junior League of Tulsa kicks off the month with their Decadence Rocks Diamonds and Denim event. This fabulous live and silent auction will be held at the Summit Club on Friday, February 6. Notably Noted is participating in this year's event and has donated a $350.00 {+ additional incentives} wedding/event paper package. This package is included with another all inclusive Event Planning Package which offers an Event Planner, Baker, local Mansion, and more to help you envision, prepare, and host your next fabulous soiree!

If you've not purchased tickets already, be sure to get yours online or by calling 663.6100.

The Junior League of Tulsa contributes to local Community Programs such as the Children's Hospital at St. Francis Family Resource Library, Community Schools Global Gardens, and the Laura Dester Children's Shelter, to name just a select few. These hardworking women would greatly appreciate your support in their upcoming event.

We can't wait to see you there!

All the Trimmings.

I just ordered the most beautiful hand-dyed silk ribbon. I'm so excited for it to arrive. Many paper orders use satin or whimsical grosgrain ribbon. While I use those as well, my favorite is silk. It adds a touch of elegance and turns an already beautiful invitation, into an absolutely breathtaking display. Okay, breathtaking may be a little over the top. I've been known to exaggerate from time to time. Just a tad. I get it from my mother. But seriously, I think the silk ribbon really is gorgeous and adds such a fine touch to any invitation, announcement, or elegant note.
We'll post a few sample pieces once the ribbon arrives.

tiny humans.

it seems weddings and pregnancies come in spells. right now, i know of several women expecting new little bundles of joys. it's so incredible to watch the journey to motherhood through the eyes of these incredible young women.

i think some of the most beautiful pieces of art are birth announcements welcoming these new little loves into the world.

January 22, 2010

C is for Cookie!

picture found at www.girlscouts.org

COOKIES!!!! Every year around this time I channel the blue furry monster from that beloved childrens' program. Girl Scout Cookie time again.
I would just like to thank Tales of the Trees for informing us that this season is in full swing. {Now I know I may have mentioned her a time or two ... or ten ... in my previous posts, and I promise not to make every single post I have mimic her blog ... but I ask you, could I really let any reader of mine miss out on Girl Scout Cookie Time? See. I knew you would understand}.
If you're not fortunate enough to have someone in your family who sells these beloved cookies, you can search for locals at the Girl Scouts website. Between the Boy Scouts Popcorn and the Girl Scouts Cookies, I don't know how my family and I manage to fit ourselves through the doorway! Be sure to get yours ... and stock up for the year or you'll regret it! {I always do}.

January 21, 2010

And we're live in three ... two ... one ...

Action! Hello! As you may have guessed, we are just getting the Notably Noted blog up and running. While we've wanted to start a blog for the shop for months on end, other things seem to have gotten in the way. We still have a few kinks to work out {such as our date and timestamp not formatting correctly} but these are minor little details and we couldn't wait any longer to get this show on the road!

What will our blog include, you ask? We'll showcase designs {often times before they even make it to the online shop}; share pictures from recent trunk shows and information about hosting your own; discuss what's important to you in paper as the digital age continues to boom; and just talk about fun day-to-day happenings such as recipes we've tried or funny experiences we've encountered.

We hope you'll check back often and leave us lots of comments. We love hearing from you and hope to build a blog you enjoy!

Giveaway Time!

Exciting events took place in the world of blog today. The author of Tales of the Trees, did a Q&A for her readers. Each person who participated in today's Q&A was entered in a drawing to win stationery from noneother than Notably Noted.

The post looked great, and I'm so excited to be a part of this fun giveaway. ... I just can't imagine how she'll find the time to answer all of the questions posed by 64 readers! Some asked up to three questions.
Tales of the Trees is one of my favorite blogs. She always has the funniest anecdotes, the yummiest recipes, and the most creative blogging events. I have Google Reader, but still find myself stalking the page several times a day hoping for her latest and greatest update. I loved working with her on her Christmas Cards and can't wait for the next giveaway ... rumored to take place some time next month. Stay tuned for more details.
Even if you didn't participate in today's giveaway, you can still purchase the prized note cards on our website.

Girly Girl.

tues, september 1, 2009

i designed this girly notecard earlier this afternoon. i tend to not be overly girly, but i felt inspired, and this is what i came up with. i love it! {i probably shouldn't love my own work so much, but i felt like it was a huge accomplishment.} i hope you like it as well!