January 26, 2010

To Send or Not to Send

Does anyone else get excited about Valentine's Day like I do? Even as a child I loved the holiday. But interestingly enough, I personally hate the use of hearts and decorations; this thought just occurred to me. It's funny then, that I would love this holiday so.

I've always loved the exchange of valentines, but not necessarily the latest and greatest cartoon character valentines. I have always, always enjoyed vintage valentines. In fact, the one below {I found the picture online} is very similar to one my mom gave to me as a child. It had been given to her when she was younger. At the time, I loved the collection of older cards, but I doubt that I had the appreciation for them which I have today. And being the pack rat I am, I'm so sad that this collection is not one that I still have.

There was a time when young and old alike exchanged valentine cards. This is a tradition I am happy to see slowly but surely coming to life once more. Sweethearts have often given gifts and cards to one another, but I've noticed in the past few years more and more adults have begun to send notes to their friends and families during this special month. What about you? Will you be sending valentine cards to someone other than your sweetie?

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