January 22, 2010

C is for Cookie!

picture found at www.girlscouts.org

COOKIES!!!! Every year around this time I channel the blue furry monster from that beloved childrens' program. Girl Scout Cookie time again.
I would just like to thank Tales of the Trees for informing us that this season is in full swing. {Now I know I may have mentioned her a time or two ... or ten ... in my previous posts, and I promise not to make every single post I have mimic her blog ... but I ask you, could I really let any reader of mine miss out on Girl Scout Cookie Time? See. I knew you would understand}.
If you're not fortunate enough to have someone in your family who sells these beloved cookies, you can search for locals at the Girl Scouts website. Between the Boy Scouts Popcorn and the Girl Scouts Cookies, I don't know how my family and I manage to fit ourselves through the doorway! Be sure to get yours ... and stock up for the year or you'll regret it! {I always do}.

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