January 5, 2011

my wedding inspiration.

in november 2009 mr. l decided that it was time we start the next chapter in our fairytale, got down on one knee, and asked me to be his wife.

i began my journey of wedding planning and started looking for inspiration for my own fabulous event.

i began creating storyboards for ideas i really loved. i designed a background and frame and began putting my favorite ideas on these boards.

i thought it would be fun to share with you. i never intended for these pictures to be for anyone's eyes but my own, so i unfortunately do not have appropriate credits for each of the items. if you see a photo and know who it belongs to, please comment so i can give them credit.

for now, i leave you with this bouquet. simple, but bold. striking, but timeless. my tastes have changed a little since i first found this bouquet, but i still love this picture.

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