March 29, 2011

a tulsa wedding {invitation suite}.

oops! i believe this posted for no reason. i had half the title typed and then it disappeared. weird.

what is up with this crazy, dreary tulsa weather we're experiencing this week? yours truly is not a fan. i have been working on so many fun orginal invitation designs, though, and that cheers me up immensely.

i am so excited to share a gorgeous tulsa wedding invitation suite with you, but will wait for the time being until all of the pieces are completely done. {i can hardly stand the suspense myself}.

for now, here's a sneak peek at a piece we've decided not to do {because we have something even better}! this would have been a fun thank you card. i hope someone uses it in the future because while i love the note card the bride has selected, i would still love to receive a card like this in the mail.

i hope it brings a little color to your week. =)

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