February 13, 2012

fourteen days of love: day 13.

i absolutely love reading, but it's a luxury i don't often allow myself because my time is always filled with designing, promoting, my other job, family, commuting, the pups, and oh-so-much more.

the day my nephew was born however, was a day spent at a hospital waiting ... and waiting ... and waiting some more. i was so excited to meet him that i didn't mind all the waiting. it also gave me the perfect opportunity to do a little bit of reading.

the hospital we were in didn't have a public internet connection, so when we pulled through the drive-thru to grab everyone food, i whipped out my kindle and downloaded the entire hunger games triology in a matter of three seconds. (i'm amazed at how quickly the kindle downloads!)

i tend to enjoy series because i'm one of those who fall i love with the characters in the book. when their story is over, i feel a little bit of loss in my life. i'm weird. don't judge. =)

i managed to read the entire series in a weekend. i just couldn't put it down. i was so glad i had downloaded the triology so i could go straight from one book into the next. now i can't wait for the movie. from the previews i've seen, i suspect the book will be better than the movie (it usually is), but i hope it does a good job (like harry potter and twilight) did in capturing the essence of the book and its characters.

what should i read next? (and for you procrastinators -- valentine's day is tomorrow ...)

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  1. Read the City of Ember! It is really good, and I just learned that there are three more books in the series. I picked them up from the library this weekend and I'm about a quarter of the way through the second book. I was so excited that the story continues!