February 4, 2012

fourteen days of love: day 04

i LOVE the sock-bun. i only recently found this picture on pinterest but about a month or so ago, i found a sock-bun tutorial on youtube. i am a huge fan.
i love wearing sock-buns to work specifically, usually as a side bun by my right ear. i get so many compliments every time i style my hair this way and it's great for when i'm in a hurry. i have an hour-fifteen minute commute to my other job each day, so quick hairstyles come in handy on busy mornings.

i tried something new today and wore the sock-bun on the top of my head. i loved it, too! and it worked well with my wool pea coat that has an oversized collar. my hair never bumped my scarf or collar all day. it was great to run errands feeling pulled together, but not having completely overdone for saturday afternoon running-around.

if you haven't tried the sock-bun yet, i encourage you to do so. you can find tutorials all over pinterest and youtube, but feel free to message me for more instructions.

happy styling!


  1. Sock bun? This looks awesome....but I am doubtful I could pull it off. I am absolutely horrible at doing my own hair. Maybe I will watch the You Tube tutorial...

    1. The sock bun is SUPER easy. I wear it at least once a week -- usually in a side bun above my ear, but lately I've been wearing it on top of my head (like a ballerina) or as a traditional bun at the nape of my neck. I LOVE IT!