July 2, 2011

Summer Saturday.

Mmmm. There is nothing like waking up on a Saturday morning to sunshine and that "new-home-smell" in the office. My senses are on overload and I'm loving it. Warm sunshine on my skin, the smell of Topeka coffee wafting through the house, puppy kisses on my toes, and season one of Brothers & Sisters on Netflicks. A good morning so far.

I would like to say I'm working on delightful new designs, but instead I have to work on the books. I. hate. accounting. Hate it. It's one of the unpleasantries that comes with running your own business. I look forward to the day that I can hire someone else to do this for me.

Everyone shouldn't be punished, though, so before I go, I would love to share with you a design I recently created for a fun summer birthday.

Captain Jonah is about to celebrate his third birthday, and his mommy contacted me to create a special invitation for this special boy. A pirate party in the park suits this little boy just fine, so I set to work on his very own treasure map invitation.

(Of course I had to take out the important details, which explains the splotchy marks in the invitation).

I love the bright, bold colors often used in little boys' invitations. So full of life and excitement! I have lots of new stories to share with you, but for now, QuickBooks calls and I must answer {unfortunately}.

The sounds of my puppies playing is filling the air, which doesn't make it any easier to get started {but at least I know they'll let me work for a bit.

Happy Fourth of July weekend! Be careful out there while having all the outdoor fun this holiday calls for.


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