July 16, 2011

too, too tweet.

after a week of vacation in florida, it feels good to be home! don't get me wrong -- a tropical holiday was definitely in order -- but it's nice to be back in my comfy chair, surrounded by my familiar things.

on my first day of vacation i received an email asking if i could create an invitation for a "tweet one" birthday party. miss alyx will soon be celebrating her very first birthday, and her mommy needed an extra-special invitation for this tweet, tweet day {sorry, i couldn't resist}. =) i could hardly wait to get back home and start working on the design -- truth be told, i couldn't wait, and i pulled out the trusty laptop on the drive to florida, at the house, and again on the drive home.

i've said it a million times before, and i'll probably say it a million times more, but i.love.you.guys. love you!! for real! you bring so much inspiration and color to my life. i don't know where i would be without you.

kristi knew she wanted to use a mix of fun colors and incopoate the tweet one theme with a cute little bird.

here's what we came up with:

join us for chirps and cheers! alyx's birthday will soon be here. if this playful little guy doesn't set the stage for a super fun summer party, i don't know what would. ;) i love it when i get to mix all kind of colors, shapes, and designs together. and this color combo? definitely a fave.

next on kristi's list? a fun banner of course! this banner will actually have ribbon running through it, but you get the idea, right? =) each of the pennants are about 5 inches wide - perfect for a tweet little one's tweet little celebration.

finally, we created these precious 2-inch cupcake toppers. i just love that little bird!

alyx reece, you are one lucky little girl to have a momma and daddy who love you so much! i can't wait to see the fun pictures from your birthday party. {of course, it's not until august, so we'll just have to wait ... don't you know i'm terrible at the waiting game??}

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