July 8, 2011

Independence Day Inspiration.

Jenny Collier does it again. I'm telling you, this girl knows how to throw a party. It's been a while since I've shared Jenny's {gorgeous} photography with you, and while I know the 4th has come and passed, I just could let the month go by without sharing a few of the fabulous details of Jen's Fourth of July extravaganza.
I love that Jenny has a banner for every occasion. {Did you see the precious printables she and the kiddos made up for Father's Day? Her creativity makes me heart go pitter-patter}.

There are so many fabulous elements to Jen's holiday decor, but I think this little side table here, might be my absolutely favorite. God bless America! The light just dances off the apothecary jars and the stars and stripes couldn't be more beautiful. This picture just screams summer to me.

Everyone can always use a little subway art around the house.

A few more apothecary jars {I love using apothecary jars for decor -- do you dig it as well?} - this time they're displaying fireworks and glow sticks. Such a cute idea.

I am love, love, loving the straw flags we've seen lately -- how appropriate that these straws have their own little stars & stripes waving proudly.

Oh snap! Don't forget to grab a favor on your way out.

Isn't it incredible what a little fabric and some ribbon can do for a display? {I should also mention that not only is Jenny an incredible mom to a two year old and a one year old, an entrepreneur with her husband, a photographer extraordinaire, a part of the dynamic duo reponsible for mamarazzi workshops, and a party planning phenomenon, she also painted, yes, I said painted, that gor-or-or-geous wall you see behind this table -- using a stencil she made herself! Martha Stewart, look out!}

I hope you enjoyed your Fourth of July holiday with a fun, festive event, too. Travis and I found ourselves driving to Tulsa from Edmond on the night of the fourth and couldn't have timed our drive better. The skies were lit from Sand Springs to Broken Arrow with professional displays and backyard shows. I think it was one of my favorite displays -- I wish I could have captured a few pictures to share with you.

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