April 29, 2011

stonewood coffee & tea co.

this afternoon i find myself sitting in stonewood coffee and tea co. in broken arrow. michael buble's voice is echoing enchantingly in the background, and i'm in heaven. what is it about working from a coffee shop that makes work that much more enjoyable? even the worst of tasks (like reconciling business acounts) suddenly becomes pleasant ... well, not completely horrible anyway {since i don't know that reconciling accounts could ever be pleasant}.

i ran into an old college friend not long after i arrived at the coffee shop. sharing with her more about notably noted and the custom invitations and stationery i create for tulsa, broken arrow, and places across the u.s. got me so excited and reminded me just how much i love what i do.

if i could spend every afternoon just like this, i think i would {minus the unpleasant business of reconciling my accounts, of course}. soaking in the atmostphere. visiting and catching up with old friends. creating new designs. i'm. in. heaven. or my paper-loving version of it anyway. =)

i'm excited to run into old friends tonight {on purpose} as my fiance and i have a dinner date set up with one of my nearest and dearestfriends from college, dylan allen and his wife, lexi. dylan and i sang together for many years, but the past year or so life has caught up with us and caused us to lose touch a bit. sadness. so tonight, we'll hit up mcnellie's in downtown tulsa with our significant others and enjoy everyone's company.

this is definitely my kind of day.

{le sigh}. i need to get back to number crunching, but before i go, i'll share the latest creation from this past week. a lovely custom notepad for a soon-to-be new mommy!

so precious, right? this stationery was designed for a first-time mommy who will soon find that her sweet little baby kaili will begin dictating the "to-do's" of her day. swoon! one of my clients approached me with the idea, and i couldn't love it more.

you can order your kaili-print note pad personalized with your own kiddo's name or we can custom-design a print indidualized just for them.

enjoy this sunny afternoon. mr. buble and i have some numbers to take care of. wish me luck!

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