April 21, 2011

Oklahoma State University Announcement

Remember the fun graduation party invitation I posted yesterday? After looking through the client files, I decided to share the entire paper suite.

While the party announcements had more whimsy, we still wanted to keep somewhat of a consistent look throughout the entire package.

Similar to the OU announcement I shared before, {this announcement was actually created first}, this card had a pocket folder enveloping it, sealed with 2010.

When the black flaps were opened, a luxe ivory card with a image of the veterinary school and the graduation announcement stood out against the black card.

I loved that, unlike the other announcement, this announcement showed the ivory card along the top and bottom of the black folder, without giving away any details of the event until the card was completely opened.

It's hard for me to believe we were creating these a year ago. It seems like just a few weeks ago.

Congratulations to all those seniors out there! Thanks for letting us celebrate with you.

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