February 10, 2010

fourteen days of love. day 10.

10. cupcake toppers

We're closing in on the last few days of love. I've mentioned the obsession with cupcakes ... and just when you thought cupcakes couldn't get any better, someone invented cupcake toppers!

image & design found at the tom kat studio

I had hoped to post pictures of the precious topppers Jen Collier used for Hudson's first birthday, but I wasn't able to get a close up shot. May I just say, so. cute.

I was in the middle of working on a set of these for an upcoming tea party when I got a phone call from another client requesting some for a graduation party. As shown above the Tom Kat Studio has created some for Valentine's Day. So let's see: tea party. graduation. Valentine's Day. bridal showers. baby showers. engagement parties. These tiny little pieces pack a big punch and are even better than the icing on the cupcake! Who thought that could be possible?

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