February 4, 2010

fourteen days of love. day 03.

03. custom designs.

So much of what I do is custom-designed just for you. It's so important to me that you're able to make your vision come to life, and there's not always something directly from the shelf that will do that for you.

The past few weeks, I have had a lot of fun working on two specific custom orders. The first was a set of note cards created for a baby girl who should be arriving any day. My client provided the following two pieces of fabric swatches from baby girl's bedding and asked me to create a note card using the swatches as inspiration. She also gave me a blog address that showed pictures of the baby's sweet nursery. I looked at a few of the pictures there and found this framed letter E.
Using the two swatches and the framed letter for inspiration, this is what I created:

Another order I received was for a fun graduation announcement/inviation. This is the email I received:

For the invitations, I want them to just be one side, and I was thinking you could create one of the cute graduation owls wearing a white coat and a stethescope, with a graduation hat and a 2010 tassel. Then the writing can be in {school colors} and black and say: {personal information deleted}

Based on that description, this is what I created:

Custom designs keep things fresh for me and are also challenging. Before Andrea's order, I had never drawn an owl before!

So please, believe me when I say, I want to work with you on creating a design that is exactly what you had in mind. And thanks in advance for keeping me on my toes.

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