February 8, 2010

fourteen days of love. day 08.

08. snow!
For today's post, I'm stealing a "screen" out of my personal blog. What can I say? That's how much I love today's "love."
This winter we have seen more snow than we have in many years. There was the wonderful white christmas we had in December. Then a couple of weeks ago we had another beautiful snow, and I was able to capture these first three pictures.

Today, it's snowing again! I couldn't be more thrilled. It's a gorgeous snow, too. The kind with big, fat snowflakes. They're lovely. I took a few pictures today with my iPhone. The first picture below is my favorite. It's certainly not anywhere near what Jenny could do, but beautiful still. In the last three pictures I was trying to capture just how big and fluffy these flakes are ... but I don't think the phone camera did them any justice.

Happy winter!!!

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