February 8, 2010

fourteen days of love. day 05.

05. remote control desktop access

okay, as i type today's favorite, i have to laugh just a little bit. it's definitely travis's tech-y side rubbing off on me. i absolutely love remote control access to my desktop from anywhere in the world.
with the business, i am back and forth between tulsa a lot, plus with my family owning a pool hall and spending most of their time there, i'm away from my computer in the evenings a lot too.

since my laptop died, i do all of my designing + bookkeeping on the desktop at the house. not very portable. when i had the laptop i could bring it with me to tulsa. to the pool hall. to friends' homes. to trunk shows. just about anywhere i needed to be, i could bring the laptop.
now, i still have to go each of those places (or spend all my days locked up in the upstairs office secluded like rapunzel in her tower).

travis showed me the delightful tool that is mstscn and i able to access my desktop from any other computer. fabulous! it looks as if i am sitting at my own computer when i remote in, but i can be hundreds of miles away. a little geeky that this is one of my favorite things? sure. but it has been a lifesaver.
it's times like this i'm so grateful for technology!

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