February 11, 2010

fourteen days of love. day 11.

11. spring

One of my loves earlier this week was
snow. It's snowing again today, and I am thrilled, but the flakes are tiny, and it probably won't stick. Since snows are few and far between in Oklahoma {usually}, I am getting tired of the cold days that don't have the lovely snow and am happily anticipating spring. Which brings me to my love for the day.

Summer is my favorite season, by far, but I right now, I'm loving spring. Who doesn't like spring? New beginnings. Budding trees. Birds chirping again.

I am especially excited about these fun garden totes we'll have in time for Mother's Day!
Now, I personally am not a gardener. I love the look of flower beds and flower gardens, but I don't even keep potted plants around. These precious gardening totes may be enough to inspire me, though! =)

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