August 8, 2011

chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

wait, what? does that say chestnuts roasting on an open fire? indeed it does my friends. if you follow my personal blog at all, you know that the christmas bug hits me {hard} starting in august. it lasts all the way through the holiday season, and at the end of december i'm still never ready for the season to end. i don't plan it this way; it just happens.

so here i sit, listening to aaron neville sing the christmas song while it thunders outside for the first time in i can't even tell you how long. it has been HOT HOT HOT in oklahoma this summer. it's always hot, and august is always the hottest of the summer months, but this year has been ridiculous! well over 100 for days on end. and we're not just talking 101, 102. no, we're talking 108 to 115!! consistently! i don't know how i haven't melted into a puddle on the floor.

as excited as i am for christmas, i'm also excited for fall. the past few years i've so enjoyed the season. i came across this gorgeous picture on pinterest earlier this week. doesn't it look soooo divine. i can just picture myself strolling up that gorgeous lane.

i'm also excited about the fun fall fashions.

what about you? do you ever get struck by the christmas bug early? are you ready for fall, halloween, and thanksgiving?

for now, i'm going to go crunch some numbers and enjoy my christmas songs.

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