August 9, 2011

Eat. Drink. Be Married.

A few weeks ago, Sonya reached out to me and asked if I could design something for her daughter Lindsay's upcoming wedding.

We are doing a small ceremony in a small church and a small reception in our
very small community! We aren't going glamorous(except for her gown she had to
have. The small country church reception is in an old schoolhouse(very old and
vintagey-like. We live on a farm so we are big ol' tractors and country! ... we
are thinking late summery or early fall, country-like Martha-Stewarty ...
somewhat elegant yet rustic ...

I loved the description and I was excited to get started. I've done "rustic, vintagey, country-like, Marta Stewarty" before, but this bride needed something completely unique.

In addition to the description, Sonya also sent the image of Lindsay's cake inspiration. {I don't have the photo credits -- does anyone know where this beauty is from??}

Just like on the cake above, the wedding colors are a sky blue, rich red, and creamy ivory. Instead of the red ric rac, the bride decided she wanted more of the sky blue. She also decided that she wanted something with a touch of whimsy that also matched the above description.

Here's what we created:

The actual invitation will be printed on a luxe, cream paper, mounted to the red matte, mounted to burlap. Such a fun invitation!! It makes me want to kick up my heels and dance!

Have you been to any fun weddings lately? Let me hear about them! =)


  1. haha sounds like a "shotgun wedding"
    not much class

  2. I disagree! I think it sounds very cute and quaint, and I love the invitations you came up with :)

  3. it is very cute, she does great work, no doubt about that at all! just saying it sounds a lil hurried and rushed, getting invites a lil late for a wedding that is only a couple weeks away, just sounds like a "shotgun wedding" is all. she done great work on it tho =) i would not be on the site if i didn't like her work, she is extremely talented and i have purchased items from her.