January 31, 2012

coming home from a long hiatus.

okay, can we get real for a second? i love what i do; absolutely love it - but working a regular full-time job and running my own business is hard. i'm never happier than when i'm working on new designs and bringing clients' ideas to life. it does get a little hard to juggle projects at work (where i'm a global advisor for recruiting and staffing for an oil and energy company) with the hours that are necessary for notably noted. that's why you'll see me disappear from here from time to time. know that when i do, you're still always near and dear to my heart.

i am making a concerted effort, however, to spend more time doing this thing i call paper because it brings so much happiness to my life.

i encourage you to hold me to it! you're the ones who make this possible for me, afterall.

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