November 10, 2010

enclosure cards & holiday sanity.

christmas enclosure cards are great to have on hand during this time of year. avoid time running back and forth to the store picking up cards for each of our friends.

i like keeping a closet stocked with items-on-hand that can be given as gifts to christmas visitors. i hate being empty handed. a few items i try to always have? a few nice bottles of wine that i can quickly pull out -- i try to have these already wrapped up in a pretty cellophane or wine bag. lotions and specialty soap baskets. a super comfy robe or lush blanket. little silver bracelets. just odds and ends that could quickly be wrapped up and given as a gift of appreciation for friends. when i have enclosure cards on hand as well, it makes the process super easy.

i also recommend keeping a wrapping station stocked and handy during the season. make sure to have several rolls of wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon, and tissue paper. if you know someone is on their way, you can quickly wrap up a gift without having to rush around the house frantically looking for all the things you need.

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