November 15, 2010

costume party paper suite.

this is a party i meant to post last month, but kept forgetting. these girls are sisters whose birthdays fall very close together, and right around halloween. their mom decided to make great use of those costumes that take so much time and effort and are {usually} only worn for a matter of hours. she picked this invitation {so cute for a children's party, don't you think?}

in addition to the invitation, we also created personalized note cards for the girls. i think it's important to teach children from an early age the importance of thank you cards. i'm always so excited to come across a mom who feels the same way. both of the girls are pretty young, so we created a fill-in-the-blank card to help them learn the importance, but creating less work for both girls {and mom} as they are still learning to write and spell. i loved how they turned out.

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