September 22, 2010

sweet 16.

this sweet sixteen party was so much fun! and i have very few pictures documenting it. {how does that always seem to happen to me lately?}

the party started off with this colorful invitation. i have never met a girl who loves crowns and the color pink more than ms. sierra. she lives in a small town, so there were few places that had availability for a larger party. we booked a banquet room at a local hotel.

we created a "sweet 16" banner for the event. because the venue was much larger than just someone's living room in a home, we wanted to make sure it didn't get lost. each letter is a 12x12 sheet. it's hard to see the entire banner in this picture, but you get the idea.

we also designed a candy and dessert buffet. i don't have pictures of it, but have requested they be sent to me. i'll share those as soon as i have access to them.

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