September 19, 2010

a baby shower for amy & mackenzie.

my dear friend {and photographer} jenny collier hosted a baby shower for her long-time friend amy. i love attending any soiree jenny throws. she always has the best ideas for events and does so much of the work herself. while i wasn't at amy's shower, i wanted to show off jenny's creativity {and beautiful photography}.

all images copywright jenny collier photography. please contact jenny for permission to use any photos.

the invitation jenny used had a clothesline of baby clothes strung across it, so she incorporated the idea into the shower as well. the items on the line also doubled as gifts for amy's little girl mackenzie.
jen used amy butler paper for the shower decor. the coffee cups at the drink station were wrapped in the same paper to match.

seana hon designed the gorgeous cake. i've since had one of seana's cakes and would second jenny's recommendation of her services. the cakes are delicious and the price is always very reasonable.

i love that no detail misses jenny's eye. the past few years banners have been very popular at parties and jenny loves using them at her events. i love that this particular banner uses tiny clothespins to coordinate with the theme as well.

the favor's were joy's hope mason jar cupcakes that jenny made. the favor tags were made of the same amy butler paper that you've seen scattered throughout the shower.

if anyone knows how to throw a party and make a girl feel special, it's ms. jen. amy and mackenzie are lucky, lucky gals to have such a good friend willing to throw them such a spectacular shower. to see more pictures from the event, visit jenny's page

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