September 20, 2010

l is for ...

i wanted to share a fun project with you i created over the weekend. i always see such creative ideas on other blogs, but outside of digital design, i rarely find myself doing anything crafty or hands-on.

when i moved to a new place, my media center was damaged. i asked travis to save the doors for me before getting rid of the rest of the pieces. i just knew i could make something out of them ... what that was, i didn't know, but i was willing to give it a shot.

while sitting at home one evening, i decided to pull out the doors and see what i could create. i don't have anything on my wall in the hallway, so i decided to see if i could design something for the space.
here's what i came up with:

this picture was taken late at night and with a not terribly wonderful camera. and who am i kidding? any pictures i post after a recent post of jenny collier photography photos are absolutley going to pale in comparison.

this project was super simple and made with items i already had on hand. i cut large pieces of cardstock to the size of the doors. then i took pieces of scrapbooking paper and laid them out on the board. i'm pretty anal when it comes to layout, so i played with this for a while trying to get the right mix of colors and paper {it's hard to tell from these pictures, but i used a mix of damask papers and a paper with lists of wines). i wanted the pieces to be very similar, but not completely identical. once i had my layout just so, i attached them to the cardboard using doublestick tape {i'm terrible with modge podge and was afraid i wouldn't be able to get the papers to lie flat}.

i love monograms, so i decided to frame "l"s -- one capital letter and one lowercase -- in the center of the papers. i found a font that i loved {i believe i used edwardian} and created the two letters. i attached those with doublestick tape as well {i would not recommend this; it was very tricky and time consuming} but i was out of label/sticker papers.

finally i attached z-tooth hardware to the back of the doors so they could hang in the hallway. i was a little skeptical i could turn them into something i love enough to hang in my home, but i love them. i would also love to see them hung over a bench in an entryway or mudroom with the knobs used to hanging scarves, hats, and even keys.

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