August 14, 2010

the pottery barn party planner. {it does exist}

Remember the post I did earlier this week about Pottery Barn's Party Planner? And remember I said Pottery Barn no longer offered that fun little resource? Well, it turns out, my friends, I was {happily} mistaken! I scouted around a bit more and found that the Party Planner does indeed exist! I wanted to be sure and share with you because I've been able to draw inspiration from Pottery Barn for years.

On the site you'll find tips and tricks for throwing a Pizza Party; a Movie Night; a Mediterranean Tapas Party; and more.

Summer and fall put me in such a mood to host a party; who am I kidding? I'm up for hosting a party any time of year!

Besides holidays and birthday parties for the kiddos, what other events and parties do you enjoy hosting?

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