February 1, 2011

14 days of love: food network magazine

it's that time of year again. time for fourteen days of love. my friend jen began this project several years ago and when i began my o.wn personal blog, i loved it so much, i followed in her footsteps. it's fun to look back at the items i was over the moon about a year ago.

01. the food network magazine.

i have recently been on a cooking/baking kick. the food network magazine is my go-to place for easy weekly menus, fun drink ideas, and special treats. i've already tried {successfully} and loved several of the recipes in the january/february 2011 edition, including the mac & cheese soup i shared before. this particular recipe is definitely a keeper. we've made it a couple of times already! i love that it comes together so quickly and is made with ingredients easily on hand.

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