July 5, 2010

Welcome {Back} to the Jungle!

My alma mater is preparing for the 10 year reunion of the class of 2000! (Remember when everyone was so afraid it would be madness and mayhem at the turn of the century? That was a decade ago).
The Tahlequah class of '00 will get together at the end of this month for reminiscing and strolling along memory lane. We designed these cute postcard invitations earlier this spring. The committee planning the reunion needed a cost-effective option that would allow them to get the word out about the upcoming party. The postscards were a nice option as they were still visually pleasing, but cost less than a traditional invitation and the postage that comes with a larger size package.
We later created these tickets that were mailed to alumists as they purchased tickets. The tickets include the weekend's schedule of events and will help track which activities have been paid for in advance.


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