April 15, 2012

jet setter.

so remember the last time i posted and apologized because i had been in houston? well since that time, i've spent twenty more days there! no, you read that right; it's not a typo -- two-zero. 20!!! in the past seventeen days i've only slept in my own bed three times. sometimes i feel like my head is spinning round and round and round!

Source: etsy.com via Rhiannon on Pinterest

i'm getting a much later start on this post than i had hoped, so i'll just give you an idea of what's been happening over the past month. more pictures to come later.

  • travel, travel, and more travel

  • the etsy shop has taken off -- thank you to all my new clients who have found me via this outlet. i never thought i would love being on etsy so much.

  • learning how to balance work in corporate america, while pursuing what i love so much

  • daydreams of san francisco visits -- i haven't been in almost a year! i'm used to going at least once every six months, minimum.

  • monster truck birthday party invitations

  • did i mention i've been traveling a lot

  • "colorful" party invitations -- think rainbow party (as in a rainbow of colors), but no rainbows, clouds, pots of gold or leprauchans

  • tweet one birthday customized with a picture of the birthday girl

  • wedding invitations with "mad lib" response cards! (darling!)

  • client's nautical theme shower featured

  • oh! and who would have known my yellow submarine invitation would be so popular -- jenny, i'm sure you would have called that one!

  • and oh so many more things that i haven't even begun to list here

thanks for sticking by me even when my life is topsy-turvy. in the midst of it all, i know i am one truly blessed girl!

here's to a great week my darlings!

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