October 19, 2010

home is where your boots are.

a friend of mine, ms. kalan chapman, has recently published a novel. kalan and i were friends in high school and i've worked with her on several projects since starting notably noted. kalan loves throwing theme parties and always has the cutest ideas. she has always wanted to publish a book, and now that dream has come true for her. i had the pleasure of reading the manuscript when it was still in draft and thought i would share the finished product with you. it's so important we support other women in their business endeavors.

{below you can read the summary provided by lulu.com}

the misadventures of miss lilly: home is where your boots are is about lilly atkins, small-town girl turned big-city lawyer. she's a southern belle and rhinestone cowgirl, balancing sugar and steel with wit and grit. she traded her hometown for dallas to earn a law degree and an old money fiance, losing herself in the process. while her career flourished, her relationship floundered, and she finds herself the brunt of a bad cliche. so she hauls her bags and her cheated heart back across the border to her hometown; brooks, oklahoma, where the creek is cool and the gossip is hot. having grown up there, lilly has always known brooks is the kind of place where everyone knows whose check is good and whose husband isn't. But when she comes back,
she's smacked with some down-home deceit. lilly is suspicious and intrigued when her "bad-boy turned good" old flame wants to be her first client and the local funeral home director is her second.

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